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The second issue is that you have to modify the Album class every time you add or remove a new service.

For example, if you want to add a counter service that keeps track of the number of times albums are played, you must modify the Album class's constructor and the Play method in the following manner: pattern to fix these problems.

One of the most unique feature, compared to other competitors, lies in the first steps that accomplishes the user when registering welcome him with a nice "Nice to meet you.'re Excited to get to know you in order to introduce you to some great people.

"The test is very accurate in the information request graphic detail differing greatly from the competition".

Once on a party, having seen close playing of the DJ, Kirill has decided to become the DJ himself.

The example problem has two classes, Album and Billing Service (See Figure 1).

I've worked with MVC before and am comfortable building the application up.


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