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In industry they can be used to: find leaks or blockages in underground pipes find the route of underground pipes track the dispersal of waste To locate a leak in an underground pipe a very small amount of radioactive material that gives off gamma rays is put into the pipe.A detector is moved along the ground above the pipe.



The numbered tables were cautiously arranged to allow participants to easily move around and interact with the next person and each one was given a number to be recognized by the opposite sex.Each slide contains labelled examples of pollen and/or spores from key extant (living) northwest European flora.Much of the collection has been imaged using both traditional light microscope and scanning electron microscope (SEM) equipment.Participants were visibly enjoying the experience despite the limited time available.

After the completion of the speed dating, participants were treated to an open mic segment.

Radioactive sources (most commonly Technetium-99 or sometimes Iodine-123) can be used by doctors to find out if different organs in our bodies are working properly (eg. Doctors can inject a small amount of radioactive substance into a patient's body.



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