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She ventured into music in 2010 after meeting Buffalo Soul Jah who is also a Zimbabwean Dancehall musician based in South Africa. She stated that after relinquishing the crown as Miss Zimbabwe in 2009, Queen Vee who was a good dancer was poised to try her luck in the music industry.

Since 2010, Queen Vee has released many songs working with South African celebrated musicians such as L-Tido, Ziyon from Liquid Deep and AB Crazy amongst others. She relocated to South Africa where she met Buffalo Soul Jah who eventually signed her to his record label, United Nations of Africa.

"You should've seen me earlier," Cowher says with a laugh. So at 10 o'clock, we have a woman who comes to our apartment and it's just awesome.

Cowher is not doing these things because he's having a midlife crisis or trying to while away his days of semi-retirement.

In her new music video, Cowher plays the role of some sort of bodyguard. He coached the Pittsburgh Steelers for 15-years before retiring in 2007.

On her website, “Queen V,” says she is a rock n’roll artist who recently released an album called “The Decade of Queen V.” On You Tube the music video was released on June 15th. Cowher is currently a studio analyst for The NFL Today on CBS.

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After hanging out and performing in New York City clubs, Queen V started her own rock band (also called Queen V) in 1996.



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