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bus had a yoga swing—and that Jennifer Lawrence mistook it for a sex swing. Harrelson shared this story as his first impression of the young, much-lesser-known Lawrence. At first, Woody Harrelson appears to fit the primary stereotype about him: He seems like he’s stoned. Sure, this certainly won't be the last of Harrelson's time on the red carpet, but something tells us it just won't feel the same.

We've seen a lot of magic happen over the last three years.We've watched as Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutchersonand Liam Hemsworth developed the most enviable three-way friendship in Hollywood.We've watched the group welcome Julianne Moore like a long-lost cousin.And most importantly, we've watched Woody Harrelson be literally the most awesome person on the planet.


In practically every promotional appearance that the actor endeavors, we find ourselves thinking simply, and resoundingly, Woody Harrelson is every man—if that man is an amazingly quirky dude.

The trio were joined by another female, who hopped into a car with them as they headed back to his place.



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