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The Weeknd was all set to host a private concert on Friday night in downtown El Lay to honor and celebrate the 20th anniversary of Grey Goose vodka…

but the thing was cursed from the beginning, and the star never even got to perform a single song before it was shut down!

Hundreds and hundreds of people showed up to the event — it sounds like many more than they were anticipating — and folks were being turned away because of the last-minute permit issue.


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Pink & White Productions Founder/Director Shine Louise Houston presents Shiny Jewels.

In it, Houston speaks about a day in the life of an adult filmmaker. Why, in your everyday life, are you closeted about what you do?

This short documentary looks at the creative process, practical nuts and bolts as well as the ethics on set. These questions and more are answered candidly in this self-conscious, self-reflective and humorous short.American-Palestinian star Lina to headline Mr Gay World Southern Africa Lina Tickets are now available for the Mr Gay World Southern Africa finale to be held at the Atterbury Theatre on 23 September 2017.…



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    The other digits are generally used to identify the card company, the financial institution that issued the card, the customer account number, etc.

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    Fact of Xavier Dolan: Full Name Xavier Dolan-Tadros Date of birth 20- March- 1989 Marital Status Unmarried Birthplace Montreal, Quebec, Canada Profession Film Director, Actor, Voice Actor, Screenwriter, Producer, Fim Editor, Costume Designer Recognized as Famous actor Net worth .0 million Wife (Read more)….

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