Whm nameserver ips not updating

To host your own nameservers using WHM, you need to first select the primary domain name that you will use for your hosting.

In this example we will use "" You will need to already have at least two IP addresses assigned to your server.

Wikipedia publishes a nice comparison of DNS server software. Different registrar's refer to glue records by different names, such as Go Daddy whom refers to them as host names.

Other providers may refer to the process as "registering a nameserver" or "creating a host record." Glue records tell the rest of the world where to find your nameservers and are needed to prevent circular references.

If you already did the 6 steps basic configuration but you didn't set up custom nameservers, please follow the next steps: You are done with the nameserver configuration, don't forget to update cpanel before adding production accounts on the vps.

There can be several reasons as to why your website is not yet displaying.

After changing the nameserver IP's and then after a little while the domains to started pointing to the new server.Your hostname (xxx.example.com) could not be resolved to an IP address.



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