Whitest kids you know dating show


First of all, congratulations on the show, it’s really funny. I mean, it’s gonna live and die by the writing, so if the show fails — which I don’t think it will — it’s because creative messed up, not because the network wouldn’t give us the resources we needed to make something good. With your sketch background, where you would do five, six, seven different characters in an hour, did you find any challenge staying with one character for two and a half months? That’s an important responsibility that an actor has, to kind of understand the character, and coming from sketch I never thought I needed that. And there are definitely scenes here and there that we do riff on and improvise, and the Shipleys are so awesome about letting that happen. They’re brothers, I think they’re now like 25 and 26. Jordan was a bagboy at Trader Joe’s, Justin was a PA, and they wrote Wrecked on spec just as a writing sample because their manager was like, ‘You should have a sample.” Their manager handed it to Tom Hinkle, an exec at TBS, and he was like ‘Why don’t we make THIS show?

They greenlit is more — it’s just a bigger show, so I think they kinda have to make sure it’s getting a good reception. You mean it’s bigger in terms of the expense of shooting on location and everything? I feel like this cast works really really well together, and I think part of that has to be credited to the fact that we were all trapped together and we had to find our dynamic.

Timmy Williams also joined in late 2001 and was the only member at the time who did not attend SVA.

Finally, in 2003, as Moore approached graduation, the group separated officially from the school, and all but Moore, Brown, Cregger and Williams left the troupe.

I spoke with Zach by phone to discuss the pressure of topping season 1, shooting in Fiji as opposed to Puerto Rico, and playing it (relatively) straight. I know, and I feel like Ebonee [Noel], the actress that plays her — it’s amazing that we found her.

I read the script long before that part got cast, and I was like, ‘I don’t know who they’re gonna get for this, I don’t have an actress in my mind.’ We were talking about Rihanna, and I was like, ‘Rihanna’s never gonna do this, she’s probably on tour somewhere, so how are they gonna find this diamond in the rough?



He is super funny and completely gorgeous, and while dating the unfairly hot chick who played Cora in Music and Lyrics (fuck you it's 2am and I have work tomorrow I'm fucking tired I'm NOT looking that shit up).

That becomes a turning point, and power becomes corrupting, and it gets good. It was kind of just what the doctor ordered for the cast.



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