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Today you can start using the free gay chat room provided by Match Maker, which also has webcam features!

With thousands online, you will meet and mingle with some sexy cool people at your own comfort.

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In order to participate in this Live Chat the only requirement is that you have the latest version of the Adobe Flash player. If you're reading these instructions you already have it. The Control Bar is used for controlling various elements of your chat. Pressing the Enter Key or clicking the Send button makes your message visible to all participants.

If anyone you're attempting to chat with is having trouble loading the Live chat, they should go to upgrade to the latest version of the Flash player. All messages in the conversation window are preceded by your "Master Photo".

Posting a recent photo is also a good idea so that you gain more interest from other members.Click the webcam icon to allow other participants to see you.If you want members to also hear you simply plug in a microphone.Even if you choose specific features such as the country selector or the “Chat with Only Girls” feature, you will never have to pay.

Our webcam chat moderators are always making sure that this cam to cam chat site remains safe.

To set your Master Photo click on the Edit/Upload Photos link on the web site and follow the directions on screen. To share a video, open You Tube in a separate browser window or tab. While watching the video select and copy the web address in your browser's address bar.



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