Valium less sedating than klonopin


Barbiturates were once commonly prescribed for anxiety and sleeplessness, but they have been largely replaced by the Benzodiazepines.

Today they are used primarily in hospital and veterinary settings.

Flexeril worked the best and in the shortest amount of time. A doctor once told me that it has some anti-depressant qualities to it, which can help when dealing with chronic pain. If the doc prescribes something that does not help, ask for something different.

These medications have very similar properties, but vary in their speed of onset and duration of their effects.i guess if i would lay down and go to sleep i wouldn't get the drunk feeling ! i took my the first time before i went to church ,i was fine at church but we had old timers lunch after church and at pm i left to go home and i was afraid to drive because i felt drunk but i had no choice ! Flexeril can leave you feeling like a useless bag of cement if you wake up in the night or wake up too early after taking it too late in the evening.In the long run I prefer less invasive approaches but used on a very limited basis it has its merits.Some side effects of antidepressants resolve with continued use while other side effects can be managed by dose reduction or adding other therapies.


Appropriate management of side effects and avoidance of drugs that may interact with antidepressants may improve the success of antidepressant therapy.Barbiturates include Phenobarbital (Nembutal), Secobarbital (Seconal, Tuinal) and Mephobarbital (Mebaral).


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