Validating credit card

If you use frequently for your domain orders, you might consider becoming a reseller of Have you ever wondered what the information on your credit card actually means?Recently introduced credit cards - which are known to our system for not more than 60 days - have to be validated Please also have look here in section ' What is Verified by Visa/Mastercard Secure Code? Validation means, that we kindly ask for a written proof of existance of the used card.



This has to be done only once, and after this, the limit is cleared.

You can connect Visa and Master Card credit cards and debit cards to your Payza account.

Once you add your credit card, you can use it to add funds to your Payza account.

A quick read of anatomy of a credit card shows me the possibility of presenting an easy to use tool to decode the hidden secrets of your credit card code, with no risk and no pain.

Simply type your credit card number into the form above, and hit enter.A check digit is a digit added to a number (either at the end or the beginning) that validates the authenticity of the number.


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