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If you find yourself working outside in the humid weather that this summer is bringing it's a good idea to follow some of these steps: A good question is to ask yourself this season is, do you need more frequent breaks while working outside?

Generally speaking, the hot weather’s effect on an individual cannot be readily managed using just engineering controls.

Good-bye mould.) My real hope/plan is to try to get a few stories finished this summer. Likely wont have the results until summers end, but Ill keep you posted. One of the offshoots of getting involved in this transformation was the realization of how the word Bundle has become a new sales buzzword a concept thats been kicking around for a while now, but that Im just starting to see everywhere even in my writing world. Discovered Vince Flynn and his CIA assassin Mitch Rapp. In 2008, I was asked if I would consider staying overnight for one night and create a 2nd course and teach it, which I did. one of my new 2014 courses is an online course, so I'm going to have to amp up my computer skills significantly. And in keeping with his role as a veritable historian of the Canadian SF scene, he's unearthed and reprinted that interview on his web site, commemorating 25 years since its publication. Saw the film 42 -- about Jackie Robinson , the ballplayer who broke the colour barrier in professional baseball back in 1947. He said afterward that it was "great." Did my income tax this weekend. Patrick's Bed) were reviewed in their reissued 2012 E-Reads editions by Western News in its April 4 issue. So I tried to balance the experience by re-reading Richard B. I like to think that me and my 65-year-old prostate will help make life much easier for all you guys in the future -- including my own 3 sons, naturally. Focus.) Have discovered the TV series Breaking Bad. Went out and bought DVDs of the first 4 seasons to catch up. Prester John (certainly), Old Yeller, Mutiny on the Bounty, Ben-Hur, The Innocence of Father Brown (Chesterton), Uncle Fred in the Springtime (Wodehouse), The Diary of Anne Frank...... in a time before the world fully explained sexism, racism, political correctness, etc., to us.... They gave me a Points Card, the idea being that every time you purchase something there, you hand them the card, which they scan, and points accumulate. The resulting gash in the back of my head needed 9 staples to close it (at East General Emergency). They even give you a staple-remover, to take to a Walk-In Clinic (or your family doctor) 10 days hence, to get them plucked out. (Ouch again.) Nevertheless, all's well that ends well. Owen came Xmas eve, stayed overnight, left around 10 PM on Xmas night (staying to watch Rise of the Planet of the Apes with us, which we all enjoyed -- Daniel's new favorite movie). Big deal, though: he's now the proud owner of a new Apple laptop. Had Bill and Judy here Saturday evening for dinner and a movie (we had the DVD of Horrible Bosses). And for good measure, I then went to another lake which we used to walk into to fish (the locals called it Stony Lake...there were no roads into it back then), and put some in there. I like to think Dennis would be pleased that we're getting together, carrying on, that he's still a part of our lives, pulling us together. Russ is launching a new CD and is using the web site for sales/promotion, and thought the addition of a "story" would fit nicely into the package and concept he is trying to express. It's got an SF flavour to it, as has the entire CD concept. We're all getting back into the swing, back into routines. Being pretty much a traditionalist in this sphere, I'd never submitted to an online publication before, always steering toward hard-copy print and paper (I still love it).

Daniels got his job, starting July 4 and finishing August 25, so the time is there. That new Fibe Bundle I spoke of last entry Its got On Demand as a feature. Over the past few weeks, weve seen 3 fine films all, interestingly, biopics: Hidden Figures, The Founder and Lion. Currently reading a biography of editor Maxwell Perkins (Hemingway, Fitzgeralds editor, among other luminaries) Max Perkins: Editor of Genius, by A. Picked up a remaindered copy at the local BMV Book Store for a mere 5 bucks. About 2 weeks ago, I got asked to include 3 of my novels (Shadow of Ashland, Sailing Times Ocean, Barking Dogs, all in E-Book form) into a larger digital download-package containing several other Aurora Award novel finalists, and offer them as a bundle in a not-too-distant future. And I'm looking forward to picking up the DVD of Homeland, Season 2, which has just been released (more great TV). The following year (2009-10) I was asked if I'd consider teaching a 3rd course in the Winter term (January to April). Instead of decreasing my workload over the past decade, I've been subtly increasing it, becoming more and more involved in (and enjoying) the remarkable growth of the creative writing program in the Department. Saw the new film version of The Great Gatsby (a prelude to Dinner Out on Mother's Day). It's remarkable in that it's pretty ruthless about portraying the racism that permeated our culture right up into my lifetime -- and that still hovers everywhere. With roots stretching back more than 40 years, Western News is the award-winning weekly newspaper and electronic news service of Western University (London, Canada). What the future holds for them -- and where they'll eventually end up -- may curtail the likelihood of this happening again soon. Speaking of books (a favorite topic of mine), got The Patriarch (biography of Joseph Kennedy), The Black Box (the new Michael Connelly 'Harry Bosch' novel), and Coach, Rosie Di Manno's bio of former Leaf coach Pat Burns. A giant, compelling melodrama, staking out the boundaries of Romance. (All that research dedicated to the creation of a new Smartphone... Before the reading stopped and video replaced it ... (For those out-of-the-know, Zeller's is a Canadian chain -- kind of a baby Wal-Mart.)When we moved to our present home in 2002, there was a Zeller's in a nearby mall. Only recently, though, there have been giant signs there announcing Liquidation! The back of my skull looks like Zorro caught me in a flashy mood, though. But I finished it in 4 days, and read it incessantly. (It's better than my own Toshiba -- now 9 years old.)Nathan and Tommy (2 of Daniel's classmates) stayed here for a sleepover last night (it's Xmas holidays, after all), and they too watched the Planet of the Apes rise again, played computer games, and fought with light-sabres. Daniel celebrated his 11th birthday back on November 19. Took Daniel and his friend Tommy to the new X-Men (Origins: Wolverine) movie. Tommy and Daniel are also playing softball together (see photo below.... But in the interests of entering the 21st century, and acknowledging that the internet is definitely a force that has changed everything, I submitted a recently written story (V-Day) to the online literary journal The Danforth Review, and they published it this month.

We also honour the many families and friends who have been deeply affected by these tragedies.

It is a day we renew our commitment to the promotion of healthy and safe workplaces and the prevention of future fatalities.


Although the birth of a capitalistic society is often cited in relation to the sudden explosion of artistic production in the Netherlands, the abundance of money may explain why pictures could be bought, but it does not explain why they were so strongly desired.

"Works of art, ranging from simple prints and copies to originals hung in almost all Dutch homes.



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