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April Masini has won a following as an expert on dating and relationships who supports traditional gender roles and argues that the feminist movement has damaged relationships in America. Ben's response is indicative of this tendency men have to veer far away from any relationship talk." As for why we get so upset over celebrity breakups, Masini explains: "Celebrity life humanizes a lot of traumatic processes that ‘civilians’ go through, like divorce, death, drug overdoses, illness and more.Her opinions on dating and relationships have been regularly quoted in major news outlets from The Wall Street Journal Masini is supportive of American troops and the families and relationships they leave behind during training and deployment overseas. Civilians are going to be feeling sad because the media is triggering personal feelings about the vulnerability of any marriage and family." Asked about Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte, who reported being robbed at gunpoint only to acknowledge that he had exaggerated, Masini explained, "If you dig deeper, you’ll see that there is a reason" why people lie; in the case of Lochte, "he didn’t want to feel responsible or ashamed for things he’d done that were going to be frowned on.Por el solo hecho de condescender a hacer esa falsa declaración, ya se está incurriendo en un delito de falsedad.Yo fui testigo de este abuso en el que los administradores de la “agencia” amenazaban a estas mujeres “reclutadas” con no darles nada de dinero si no firmaban esa “declaración”.



Ya no son mujeres mayores de 40 años y poco agraciadas las que buscan estos negocios: son los dueños y administradores de esta farsa los que RECLUTAN mujeres jóvenes y agraciadas, por medio de anuncios clasificados en periódicos mediocres como el COLOMBIANO de Medellín.

En uno de estos anuncios clasificados se puede leer “” en un catálogo virtual de “mujeres núbiles”, el cual es solamente un señuelo para seducir extranjeros a gastar dinero en un Chat cuyas tarifas pueden variar, pero que son tan costosas como cualquier minuto de “sex-chat” o de “línea caliente”.


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