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The situation also happens in big corporations which have volume licensing (VL) agreemnts with Microsoft, which tends to use a same VLK (Volume License Key) or leaked product key to activate all computers.

To enter and make use of the new product key does not really require whole fresh re-installation of Windows XP.

I have a license from the previous computer for Pro.

When I went to do a clean install of Pro the computer ended up with an activated version of Home (because that is what the key in the BIOS is).


Here are PCs that closest match your selections that are %Win8Device Question3% %Win10Device Question3% %Win7Device Question3% %Win Other Device Question3% %Mac Device Question3% capable, are %Win8Device Question4% %Win10Device Question4% %Win7Device Question4% %Win Other Device Question4% %Mac Device Question4% and are great for %Win8Device Question2% %Win10Device Question2% %Win7Device Question2% %Win Other Device Question2% %Mac Device Question2% use %Win8Device Question3b%%Win10Device Question3b%%Win7Device Question3b%%Win Other Device Question3b%%Mac Device Question3b%.

Here we explain how you can programmatically determine whether the version of WUA that is running on the computer meets your needs, that is, whether the version is the latest or at least current enough.



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