Updating wardrobe when you are broke sedating a cat for grooming


But any rule that tells you a certain kind of clothing is forbidden for your body type is simply preposterous and should be treated with the same amused incredulity you normally reserve for pyramid schemes. People can tell what your body shape is, so stop worrying about what outfit will make you look like Christina Hendricks’s body double and just wear things that you think are pretty, regardless of whether it is medically prescribed for the shape of your ass.Every women’s magazine, “lady blog,” and mother’s best friend is constantly brimming with advice on how to “dress for your shape,” which never means anything other than “dress to hide your shape.” You can probably recite your own personalized figure-correcting wardrobe rules blindfolded; mine are vertical stripes, dark colors, low necklines, high heels to make my stubby legs look longer, and belts. A never-ending parade of V-necked, vertically striped dresses belted at the waist; that’s what fashion magazines want for me. In real life, however, I own like two belts, and only because I have a couple of dresses that fit weird without one. If you find something that you like, that fits you, that won’t get you in trouble for violating your work’s dress code, that doesn’t itch or cut off circulation to your legs, and – miracle of miracles – you can afford it, for God’s sake don’t pass it up because you’re afraid it might not create the correct optical illusion.That paid for my coffee and food over all of exam season!If you’re really set on getting new clothes instead of just money for your old ones, try to find a clothing exchange event!I’ve had them for 7 years and they’re still going strong with nary a stretched-out elastic and not a single rip. One of our great pastimes is daily hiking/walking around our land and warm, water-proof boots are perhaps the most integral piece of gear. They are not fashionable, they are not cute, and they are not something I lusted after.




Choose cable knit boot socks from BCS Boutique and add a cute boot topper for added flirt and flair.And it’s all the more challenging when you have a body type that is not well-served by off-the-rack fashions (too short, too tall, too fat, too busty, too narrow-hipped, too broad-shouldered, too WHO ARE THESE THINGS EVEN MADE FOR?



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