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recepticle or receptacle to “receive back,”in zoology -an organ or structure that receives a secretion, eggs, sperm cells, etc.common use – women that receive secretions, spermatozoa, etc. not akin to ‘sperm bank’ or the like which is more for plural transportation / storage of fluids. my girl can’t cook, clean, earn a living or nuthin’.

“next time you use me as a c-m recepticle, please…” a handy method of transferring s-m-n from your bedroom to the bathroom without actually leaving the room.

While most tanks bring specific strengths to the table, Maokai does everything at once.

When working with old wiring, be careful to not manhandle it by moving it around a lot.Other than physically wearing out, I've never experienced a recepticle that simply quit working. The recepticle likely does not have a modern ground wire to it.It was used for her computer and unlikely ever needed to supply more than a few amps. It could also be the wire or connections leading up to the receptacle (in my experience, old stab-in-back receptacle connections can come loose without affecting how the outlet feels when you plug things in -- I've had this cause a downstream daisy-chained outlet to stop working while the outlet with the loose stab-in-back connection to feed the other outlet continued working just fine). z Connection to any other type of receptacle other than a two-pole, three-wire grounded receptacle may result in shock hazard as well as violate local electrical codes.


z In the event of an emergency, press the OFF button and disconnect the power cord from the AC power supply to properly disable the UPS.

She said that plugs fit tightly and it generally seems OK.



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