Updating raised ranch facade john mayer dating 23

Because so many ranch-style houses were built quickly and with a cookie-cutter formula, the ranch is dismissed by some as simple, ordinary and without style.

On many older homes, character comes from craftsmanship and attention to details.

Hirsch says that a house should "fit" you: "It should fit your needs, your desires, your lifestyle, your aesthetic sense, the needs of your family, your aspirations‚ÄĒeverything about you." So, the question is this: What Can You Do for a Ho-Hum House?

NEXT: A ho-hum Ranch The house shown here is a Raised Ranch built in the 1970s. Repairs were so shoddy that the room was actually pulling away from the main house. They had not been installed properly and would have to be replaced. To make matters worse, the appliances were in disrepair.

Actually some architectural historians say that the design was created by none other than Frank Lloyd Wright.

The history of the raised ranch and its place in the American housing scene, rising from a clever idea to ubiquitous popularity, then to disfavor as a style, is a very interesting, strictly American phenomenon.Actually, while you see many ranch style homes here in the New York area, they originated on the West Coast in the 1920s.



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