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Details: Critical Golf Test: The Callaway u Pro falls into the lower third of the group in our test of the availability of golf courses, with 84% coverage.Coverage by type of course was evenly dispersed, with the exception of weakness in “Best New” courses (only 12 of the 20 tested).The web-based process is an evolution from the original neo, which required downloading course management software, selecting courses, and then using the software to initiate syncing of the device.Critical Golf Test: i Golf (the company that provides course maps to Bushnell) has been hard at work, and the Bushnell neo comes in with 93% coverage in our test of golf course availability across a representative group of 100 courses.The device does have its flaws – the Callaway u Pro wasn’t quite up to the level of some of its competitors in our test of golf courses available. The Good: The attractive and efficient packaging in which the Callaway u Pro arrives is the first sign that there has been a significant amount of thought put into everything about this device.The device syncs directly with a web interface, eliminating the need to install any desktop manager software on a computer.Battery life is strong, and the form factor of the neo is small enough to keep it in a pocket during play.


The vívoactive HR and FR 230 both cost 0, but the FR 230 lacks an optical heart-rate sensor.The Forerunner 230 (FR 230) feels good enough to wear as a day-to-day, non-running timepiece, and it can track steps and other metrics if that’s what you choose to do.It is easy enough to use as a first GPS watch, but it contains deep features and optional apps that expand its powers. It blends basic GPS functionality with an extremely attractive price point.


The Bushnell neo follows in the footsteps of the original Bushnell neo, providing text-based distance information to the front, center and back of the green, along with up to four other hazards/targets per hole.You’ll need to allow an applet to access your computer and device, and thereafter the latest course data is loaded in a few minutes (if you have recently updated your courses, it takes only seconds).



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