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This article provides an introduction to employing LINQ to SQL within a Windows Forms application; the article will address the incorporation of LINQ to SQL into a Windows Forms project, how to use LINQ to SQL to select, insert, update, and delete data, and how to use LINQ to SQL to execute Stored Procedures.

Select query examples will demonstrate ordering, filtering, aggregation, returning typed lists, returning single objects and values, and how to query across entity sets (that are essentially related tables associated by foreign keys).

The rules for updating user-defined inline functions are the same as they are for views.

Consider these three statements: Product ID Product Name Unit Price ----------- ---------------------------------------- --------------------- 1 Chai 19.0000 Product ID Product Name Unit Price ----------- ---------------------------------------- --------------------- 1 Chai 20.0000 An inline function that has a parameter can also be used to update data, with the parameter limiting the scope of the update.

The data context provides the mapping of all entities (essentially tables) to the database.

It is through the data context that the application can query the database and it is through the data context that changes to the database can be executed.

LINQ to SQL is object relational model and file generates the class file for all kind of Create, read, update and delete (CRUD) through the mapping mechanism.


Once connected to a database you can pick any table or stored procedure and just drag and drop it to the Object Relational Designer. You now actually may start work with your database.The demonstration project included with the article is a simple Windows Forms application; this example contains a Data Grid View control and a menu; the menu is used to execute each example query contained in the demonstration.



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