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@Andy V Hey Andy, just out of interest, where did you get the efi file? EDIT: I also took only the legacy VBIOS from the rom and I dumped the connector info and disassembled the legacy VBIOS ROM https:// 10000 bytes of data from /Users/andyvand/Bios UEFI/1002.683Table Format Rev. @Andy V Hey Andy, just out of interest, where did you get the efi file?

I had to create a new tool just to be able to do the transformation of to The tool is here: versions for Windows and Mac OS X (and sources).

This is my working UEFI BIOS for Gigabyte HD6670, joined from native F1 and new F12 which are officially non compatible. I afraid it should be corrected to your card and the checksum corrected too. Place VBios file in UEFI-GOP-Maker folder as Double click UEFI_ROM.command, resulting file is Make a bootable DOS USB key with this info Atiflash info: Place on same key, boot from it type: atiflash -p 0 and if all goes ok, your good to go.


Does anybody have any recommendations for different ones to try?

I have modded the Gigabyte upgrade ROM for the ATI HD6450 to be compatible with an Asus EAH6450. Just remember there is a risk when flashing/modding and I will NOT be held accountable for same. I made a bootable flash drive from MS-DOS, put files atiflash and Bios on pendrive.



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