Teenage dating pros and cons


Yet in life as college ends and we hit the workforce they get lost amidst the pant-suits, the seasonal fashion and the girly girls.

It becomes difficult to figure out who will watch football with you and who will force you to give up the television because you watch too many sporting events.


For some, having cosmetic surgery can be vital to confidence levels and self-image.

It’s as if the window shrinks and the chance at the ultimate tomboy girlfriend goes away.

My first memories with bangs include my Mom using tape to cut them straight for school pictures.

I’m one of those people who, when I pin back my bangs, it scares others. With so many different styles of bangs, you can easily choose one to go along with how you want to be seen.


I look like a different person and constantly get looks which suggest“WHOA, who are you?! They are a great way to change things up and reinvent your look. I hope you find an answer to your question, but if your don't then please send me your question via email, comment or via Google and I'll try and answer it.



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