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Ray got used to the vagaries of his fashionable patrons, but when this haughty bitch told that his coffee tastes like piss and tipped it onto his new shirt, his patience worn thin.The bitch had to be punished, so he grabbed her by the hair, pressed her face to the stain, then fastened her hands to the banister, bonked her tight pussy and creamed her noble face with his cum. I dont know how he was build or hung in the cock department but I was proud of my 11 inch uncut cock and big balls. Now relax before I make love to your beautiful ass. I have been told I looked much like the TV and movies star by a similar name, but I always thought I was a bit more handsome. In just a matter of days he had fully submitted Steve. Added: 08-Feb-2003 The thought of a blind date excited me.


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Jacob went to visit his friend, but he was not at home.


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