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We’re all about having a good time and experiencing all these mountains have to offer.

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Pete 6/1/17 The Starr Ranch Kestrels did not use the box this year.

I think they wound up nesting in a cavity somewhere a few hundred yards south of it.

Results: Median age of patients was 56 years old (range 22–84).

Fifty-six percent of patients reported CAM usage and the most commonly used CAM include Traditional Chinese Medicine, bird's nest and special diet.


Receive 50% off daily full or half-day child care rates with the purchase of an Adventure Center one-day pass.Pete 5/12/17 Finally – The 2017 Starr Ranch Birdathon Recap is done! The cost of cams and other hardware, plus the streaming are just a part of the expense of keeping everything running at Starr Ranch.As usual, Steve did a great write up – including some really “punny” groaners… As the Recap mentions I’ll be sending emails to all who pledged with links on how to fulfill your pledge, give me your T-shirt info, and have another shot at guessing the 100th species we tallied, because no one got it. We have to annually raise about 5,000 to make it all happen. Pete 04/12/17 I was pulling in some loose ends of things I needed to get done on Starr Ranch before heading off to MI early tomorrow to do my annual inspection and repair of Osprey platforms on Fletcher Pond, near Alpena/Hillman.Must be 52" tall to drive; 36" tall to ride with driver. Side-by-side seating for two and unbeatable views of the Killington region.

Must be 48" tall to ride alone; 42" to ride with an adult. Check out our summer discounts for ways to save and stay tuned right here for new offers throughout the summer.If you're looking for a lower-elevation adventure, the Snowshed Express Quad gets you to the top of Snowshed in just eight minutes and from there you can hit the trails.



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