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Prior to 1752, murderers were treated in the same way, although it was not unusual for them to be executed more quickly than other felons.Occasionally, as in the case of Jack Sheppard (16th of November 1724) who had escaped several times, a person was hanged alone, but this was unusual, probably due to the expense of it.If the prisoner was wealthy, they might be permitted to be driven to Tyburn in a morning coach, as happened with Jenny Diver, thus sparing them from the insults of the crowds along the way.It was normal for better off criminals to wear their best clothes for their Hanging Match as executions were known. 12-18 feet high) uprights joined at the top with beams in a triangular form to provide a triple gallows under which 3 carts could be backed at a time.It remained in use until Criminals were tried at the Old Bailey and then sentenced to death in groups at the end of each Sessions before being returned to Newgate prison to await their fate.


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Tishby, attempting to elucidate this confusion in his commentary to the puts it very well: "It is clear from the passage just quoted that the sephirot, which are finite and measurable, are not, however, static objects, like fixed, solid rungs on the ladder of the progressive revelation of the divine attributes.


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