Royce basketball wives dating brian

Because love is a tricky thing, Reed decided to take some time to really explore how she felt about the situation before jumping to the dump.

Although at first she told John Salley (host of the “Basketball Wives” reunion show) that she was going to stay with Dezmon and try to work things out, she recently posted a message on her Twitter account saying that she has handed Dezmon his walking papers. I wish @Dezbriscoe89 the best but after much thought I found it 2 be n my best interest 2 walk away & focus on my career & my munchkin.”Royce’s fans are fiercely loyal to her and regardless of her decision to either stay with Dezmon (or now to break up with him) they have stood behind her choices and continue to show an out pouring of support.

The ladies felt in their mind, she was competition and all she wanted to do was nab a baller, which she did but they were concerned that she would be interested in their men because she danced for NBA teams.

Cheerleaders and NBA players weren’t allowed to date but Royce and Dwight found away to get around that rule and that’s how there son was conceived.

Royce took some time with her decision and ultimately it ended up giving her a chance to stop herself from just reacting to the news and really think about what she wanted – something not many of us can do in our own lives.

Shed Media, which produces the show along with the Vh1 network, addressed criticisms that the show promotes bullying.


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