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Since the posthumous awarding of the Victoria Cross to Corporal Baird, his name and his legacy have been carried on and continue to help people through the charity Cam’s Cause. But words cant describe how humbled we have been by Cameron’s impact” Corporal Baird’s father Doug said.

Set up by a tight group of Corporal Baird’s friends, including his former primary school teacher, the charity undertakes various community initiatives, scholarships and offers immediate financial support for returned commandos through the Commando Welfare Trust.

The Harlem born rapper, actor & entrepreneur continues to influence generations of artists with his music, style and classic anthems such as “Hey Ma” and “Oh Boy”.

Cam’ron will be joined by rising star DJ Astro 8000 who will be bringing his signature Pink Party to Underground Arts!

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Ideal for 1:1 sessions or quick remote meetings A computer or mobile device running the Go To Meeting software brings all the remote attendees together.

Ideal for team meetings, common areas and on-the-fly collaboration A computer allows presentations or videos to be shared during the meeting, as well as connects your remote attendees with the conference room using Go To Meeting.Researcher Quentin Stafford-Fraser wrote the client software, dubbed XCoffee and employing the X Window System protocol, while his colleague Paul Jardetzky wrote the server program.In 1993, web browsers gained the ability to display images, and it soon became clear that this would be an easier way to make the picture available to users.After the camera was connected to the Internet a few years later, the coffee pot gained international notoriety as a feature of the fledgling World Wide Web, until it was retired in 2001.


The 128×128 px greyscale camera was connected to the laboratory's local network through a video capture card fitted on an Acorn Archimedes computer.

The camera was connected to the Internet and the live stream sent over HTTP in November of the same year, by computer scientists Daniel Gordon and Martyn Johnson.


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