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Eit stemnemøte går gjerne ut på at ein møtest på tomannshand, men ofte med andre menneske i nærleiken, for å bli betre kjend eller bygga opp romantiske kjensler.

Ein kan ha stemnemøte i ein heim eller på ein offentleg stad som kafé, restaurant, kino eller utandørs elles.

Stemnemøte kan leia til kjærteikn, sex, fast forhold, forloving eller ekteskap, men treng ikkje gjera det.

It has been a little over a year since I went speed dating for the first time.

Halifax, Nova Scotia Go Media Canada Marketplace is the place for Canadian travel operators to exchange stories and ideas with international media.

This event is held annually in Canada with a different hosting destination each year.

View Event Details Gatineau, Québec Destination Canada provides an overview of the organization’s performance in its international markets, campaign updates and key strategic initiatives including new partnerships Speakers: David Goldstein, President & CEO, Destination Canada Ben Cowan-Dewar, Board of Directors Chair, Destination Canada View Event Details Halifax, Nova Scotia Rendez-vous Canada reunites some 1,500 international tourism industry leaders gathered for a series of speed-dating-style appointments.

International buyers seek the best-matched Canadian tourism sellers.



Ein invitasjon til eller ein avtale om eit slikt møte kan signalisera til partane eller samfunnet rundt at dei ser på kvarandre som moglege partnarar.View Event Details Montreal, Quebec Now in its 26th year, the World Youth and Student Travel Conference (WYSTC) is the leading trade event for the global youth, student and educational travel industry.Since its inception in 1992 as the annual event of WYSE Travel Confederation, youth and student travel professionals have been gathering annually to trade, network and take part in seminars and workshops.The festival is host to the “Rencontres internationales de jeunes créateurs et critiques des arts de la scène” (International Rendezvous of young stage art practitioners and critics) from 29 May to 8 June 2017, an intensive 11-day event for around 30 young professionals including daily viewing of performances, critical reflection and exchange, encounters, workshops and visits to places of cultural interest.

We offer a practitioner or critic from the Swiss dance or theatre scene the possibility of taking part in this International Rendezvous and will assume all the costs involved.

I was 28 years old and my friend talked me into joining her. All of my friends know I’m single and willing to mingle, but here’s the problem: no one has single male friends to set me up with.


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