Pure love dating sim one in a million dating


Becoming a gorgeous princess, and you deserves to be loved!

He does something for a living, not that it really interests him.Our next potential lover is Sayuri Saionji, who is, as you should have guessed, one million years old!She’s also playing the “little sister” role, but this is one little sis’ whose pigtails you won’t want to pull.To break with traditional love tasks,in our interactive love gameplay, not only can your boyfriends talk to you, also invite you to have a date.

The guys in love are both thoughtful and jealous, so sometimes they are god-alike, and sometimes they are neuropathic! You will finally meet someone who has a distinct character or mystic status and compose your wonderful love song.[our first love]Couple costumes are personally customized! From overall modelling to details or small decorations, none of them are not designed elaborately.

"I considered many things last night." Only after walking a while did Mika slowly begin speaking while keeping her gaze fixed on Seiji. I was definitely shaken to some extent, but not because I doubted you or anything. she probably has her own circumstances as well." Seiji failed to notice her embarrassment as he continued. The two delinquents acted just like they always did; they greeted Seiji by nodding slightly when they noticed him. " "Heh heh, this is the proper cat-style footwork," Chiaki stated pridefully. " Seiji tilted his head forty-five degrees and also acted the part of the villain. Thanks to Chiaki’s joking around, the serious atmosphere from the previous phone call had completely vanished. All you need to do is hug her gently, whisper sweet things to her while she’s feeling anxious, kiss her, and then..." "Halt your words! " ‘Whenever Mika’s not with us, I suppose this is how it’ll be like between Chiaki and me.’ Seiji suddenly thought in between their joking. Mika and Seiji were rendered speechless by Chiaki’s words.



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