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What brought the city from a small Fort in southern Colorado, to the backbone of Colorado, were the ore mines.

This area once housed four separate towns: Pueblo, South Pueblo, Central Pueblo and Bessemer.

Farther south, Casas Grandes, with its ritual and trading center Paquimé, flourished from AD 1200 to 1450.

The earliest Pueblo material in the museum’s collection, dating to between 550 BC and AD 500, was recovered from caves at Grand Gulch.

The beginnings of Pueblo pottery traditions can also be seen in materials found at Mesa Verde (AD 600–1300), well known for its spectacular cliff dwellings.

Hohokam ball courts and cacao found on pottery from Pueblo Bonito suggest rituals shared between Mesoamerica and the Southwest.

Indians of the Southwest—Pueblo-speaking peoples, Diné, Apache, O´odham, Yuman, and Pais—maintained spheres of interaction within and beyond the region.Kennett, head and professor of anthropology, Penn State.



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