Pregnant after one month of dating emotional effects of dating separated parents

Particularly, if the father is someone whom you have either dated a few times or not really dated at all. You may also find that he doesn’t want anything to do with you or the situation.There is no way of knowing what type of reaction you’re going to get from the father. Don’t build him up to be a potentially great father when, the truth is, he may not want to be a father at all. You might be able to work out the calendar math, but if you had several partners during that time, it could get a tad complicated. Pregnancy does not automatically mean you need to get married and live as a family.The question: how do you handle this situation with the guy you hardly know?Here is a quick overview of what you need to consider..I just found out that I'm pregnant, and have only been with my boyfriend, Mark, for three months. More importantly, am I being stupid for considering having a baby with someone I have only known for three months?? Your not stupid by any means...things happen..prevention was the key is prolly what ur mom will say huh?We have been living together for a month, and obviously haven't had any talks of marriage or children yet. My parents are going to freak, because they loved my last boyfriend and haven't accepted that we will never be together again. They are visiting from out of town next week, and I know my mother will suspect something. I think you should tell with it.....things are rocky as they should be cuz it will be a big learning experience...who knows what will must be responsible and do whats best for you and keep ur head up ok..girls here are great and will help when we can! i would tell her, because the longer you wait, the more stressed you'll be. If so, it may have happened a little sooner than expected and under less than ideal circumstances, but you'll look at it as a blessing eventually.You shouldn’t let him pressure you into making this decision.Ultimately, his opinion should be taken into consideration, but you should definitely get the final say.

as for your boyfriend, if he wants to be involved that even better! Well, I don't think you are stupid at all for considering having this baby.

It can happen, and it does, more than you probably know. Well, obviously you took a chance and had sex without protection.

Regardless of the reason behind your passion misstep, you need to make some decisions and make them fast.

I'm totally agains abortion, no matter the situation.

Yes, your mom will probably be upset, but she needs to know. Only get married if you are both committed to making the marriage work.Blac Chyna recently announced that she's pregnant with Rob Kardashian's baby after just three months of dating!


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