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“This is an annual social occasion when forum members from T5D5 across the country meet for some track enjoyment.This year, we even have a small group travelling all the way from Malaysia,” said Simon."I just want to have a conversation with both parents," he says. It is a big, big debate."He wants mums and dads to contribute to his website, eventually via the sort of forum that has proved so popular for the likes of Mumsnet.But for now parents will find posts from writers such as Kate Figes and Gideon Burrows."I was surprised [Mumsnet] hadn't taken it already. That's precisely the point, in fact."And there's no doubt Mr Fisher has set himself up for a clash. In Mumsnet's defence, Ms Roberts pointed out that 15 per cent of its users are men, which she feels has the issue covered. Mr Fisher said the impetus for his venture came 17 years ago when he became a parent: "I felt in an odd place as a man. That was our mission for the bank holiday, to build a Caterham Seven.India is een 4 persoons vakantiehuis op Terschelling.

A non-turbo Cayenne S arrived at that 2002 launch, too, with the same engine capacity but a gentler 335bhp (good for 150mph and a 7.0sec 0-60 time).

Indeling van India: Beneden: Woonkamer met open keuken.

It takes two to have a baby but only one to look after it, or so you might think from the wealth of mother-focused parenting resources out there.

The first takes to task magazine, which has an all-male board of directors, for claiming that men are worse at everything to do with parenting.

His site's "provocative" name – hardly a million miles from the mighty Mumsnet – was deliberate, he says.

But rather than perpetuate the notion of one-sided parenting, he wants to embrace what, for many, is reality: that mums and dads look after their children together.



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