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She looked friendly, and her profile said she was interested in food and politics. Meeting a total stranger and hoping for a friendship is unquestionably more intimidating than going to a party and/or meeting a friend-of-a-friend for drinks in a more organic, less-forced setting.

When the date was over, I genuinely felt as if I had found a potential friend – although, of course, it’s tough to really get to know someone based on just one hour-long experience.

The date wasn’t a success in the traditional sense of leading us into a contract based on exclusivity, an accumulating cache of resentments and a mortgage, but it put me back in the game (an appropriate metaphor – people speak regularly of “playing” with the app).

According to Sean Rad, the co-founder who launched Tinder in late 2012, the service was invented for people like me.

According to the same article, roughly 60 percent of those swipes were women on the hunt for platonic friendships.

I spent an afternoon swiping on potential BFFs, before matching with Veronica. I am pretty comfortable in social situations, but this scenario did make me uneasy.

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So when the dating app Bumble launched its BFF feature in early March – which, instead of finding romantic partners for users, finds friends – I wanted to learn more.Nobody needs to know your real name, phone number, home address, workplace, email address or any other personal information that could be used to identify you until you are comfortable to share this information.


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