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It gives me HOPE, hope for mankind and my place within it. L.,, 3/30/99 The God-Man and Neo-Tech discovery are mind opening to the most extreme. After reading Neo-Tech, I realize that this IS the future of our world. T.,, Neo-Tech gives the little man an avenue to wealth, power and love. D.,, 9/29/00, WEST MALAYSIA NEO-TECH is the BEST thing to happen to HUMANKIND, EVER! If things work out the way I 95% expect them to, I will be in a position to help with the mass exposure to these concepts, the first of which may indeed be a TV series of The Story'. K.,, Australia As a little boy, stumbling across the top of my fathers chest of drawers, I found the great big black book and curious opened it.In my opinion, anyone who denounces such literature is petrified at the thought of losing their wicked control over the masses. There ultimately will be no stopping this, it has already begun. We can't do without the wisdom of Neo Tech in the New Millennium. Inside I found this poem called 'The Golden' and continued to read, although back then my growing mind was so stumped it didn 't like reading but sure enough this piece of material riveted me.The simplest approach to avoid this problem is to continue to use the Facebook app but not use the in-app browser.It’s not yet known exactly how many children fell victim to paedophile David Timothy Deakin’s international webcam sex tourism.

As officers banged on his door, ready to conduct one of many similar raids on producers of child abuse livestreams in the country, the American was in the middle of Googling: ‘What is the NBI’.

Eleazar said the suspects were arrested inside the office of TLS Synergy Group, an online marketing firm in Cabanatuan City.

“We have reason to believe that the suspects’ activities could lead to ‘sextortion’ after we discovered that the company was engaged in the maintenance, control and operation of lascivious exhibition of sexual organs or sexual activities in front of Web cameras for a fee,” said Eleazar.

F.,, 9/22/01 I have studied several religions and philosophies, and looked into many more, hoping to find one that made sense.


Finally, Neo-Tech is the path to utopia, the Civilization of the Universe. H.,, 5/25/99 I'm deeply involved in 'integrating' the awesome experience of Neo-Tech - WOW!’ Deakin asked, bare-chested and soaked in sweat, his glasses foggy and his wrists bound in a zip tie.


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