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Remarkable monuments of the city are the Castle of Larissa built in prehistoric times, the Ancient Theatre, with a capacity of 20,000 spectators built in the 3rd century BC, the Roman Forum near the ancient theater that stood in the 6th century BC , the "criterion", an ancient monument on the southwest side of the city which originally served as a court and even many other monuments scattered throughout the city. Today's Cathedral Church, has not risen on the ruins of the old, but was rebuilt in the current geographical position and inaugurated in 1865.

Other archaeological findings dating from prehistoric times, can be found at the museum of Argos close to St. The city of Argos celebrates the patron, Saint Peter on 3 May. On May 2016 was completed the reconstruction of St. Hotel Mycenae is located in the heart of Argos and offers rooms with beautiful view of St.

Our Hotel Manessi, is a very elegant hotel in newclassic style, and it is built at the seafront of the main port of Poros, surrounded by many shops,cafes and traditional tavernas.

It is a wonderfully decorated building with a very relaxing interior design. The staff were friendly & always willing to answer our questions. we have stayed two weekends in winter and it was great, the rooms is clean and renovated.

The Castle in its present form was built in the first quarter of the 15th century, relying on foundation of the Byzantine period.Being always ready to satisfy the needs of those travelling for business or leisure, it has been identified as the ideal hospitality choice on Poros. Poros is a nice island and we'd recommend Manessi Hotel for its location and value for money!The Clock Tower was just behind the hotel up the top of the hill. The view is great from the room and the amenities are sufficient for your needs.Elafonisos is located on the southeastern part of the Peloponnese and belongs to the prefecture of Laconia.

The population of the island, which is a few hundred in the winter, is almost doubled during the summer.

The Pelasgians gave to the city several names among them the name "Larissa", by the name of the castle that dominates on the hill of the city, which means acropolis.


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