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There's just one problem: the owner gives Jack a mere 48 hours to fully staff his kitchen and prepare to dazzle over 300 customers - including the food critic for the New York Times.A statement previously thought to be an oxymoron, Kitchen Confidential raises the bell curve for quality television."I have no real proof, but it could have happened," said Parker. We know that police came to that house over arguments. "The teachers were having a great deal of trouble with him. I think something happened inside that house but I can't prove it." The film clearly suggests that the family had an ulterior motive for taking in a stranger who clearly bore no resemblance to their missing relative.



Marsters: I knew that the show had a chance to last for decades.

Brendon, who's from Sherman Oaks, California, was released from jail Thursday after posting a ,000 bond.


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    “Cool…good for her,” he said when informed of the news.

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