My boyfriend have been dating 8 years

This leaves me feeling terrible and also annoyed at him.I personally feel that if I were to break up with this man, I would find another man to love me like I deserve, but I can't bring myself to do that, as I really love him.He lives in the family home - his parents have passed on.He has asked me informally would I marry him - to which I answered of course - and then he said that we would do it officially some other time! This should be an exciting time as we are in a new stage of the relationship even though we been together for a few years but it just seems so boring, and everything is always the same.

I have begged him numerous times but he never seems interested, he always stops before we get there!It’s a great part of relationships – it’s the part that makes us grow as people. if you can live with the relationship exactly as it is right now… It’s funny, but a lot of the time relationship conflicts happen because one person has an idea or vision in their head and their partner has no idea of what the other one’s “image” of the relationship is.You figured that you would eventually move in together. Regardless of what vision you had in your head of how you think things should be or could be eventually, he’s not looking for that to be the reality right now. And instead of giving each other trust and space, the one with the “image” or “vision” of how the relationship “should” be just starts freaking out and attacking their partner for not “getting it”. However cool it makes you is exactly how lame it makes him.

You might feel like Joan Jett when he picks you up in his Seville outside the high school in front of all your friends, but he is being mercilessly mocked by all of the women in his life for dating a 14-year-old.2. maybe not immediately in the “honeymoon phase” of the relationship, but sooner or later a relationship will force us to face things we would rather not face.


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