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Much like Snapchat, the updates will disappear after 24 hours, with Whats App stressing that all are fully encrypted end-to-end.Whats App says that the addition, launched in time to mark its 8th birthday, is a reaction to changes in how people are using the app.“When we noticed people were using the feature to communicate in real time, we redesigned Whats App as a messaging app,” Whats Appp CEO Jan Koum wrote.“This new and improved status feature will let you keep your friends who use Whats App easily updated in a fun and simple way." Previously, Whats App users were only able to set their own message as a status, or choose from a number of pre-set alternatives such as “At Work” or “Available”.During the review period, we saw teen boys without shirts dancing provactively.

The key obstacles are religious, cultural, and political opposition to contraception or the possibility of population decline.

The launch comes days after Android users were finally able to enjoy hundreds of new Whats App emoji as part of another major update.

Welcome to one of the most popular adult chat rooms in the world.

Please enter a nickname in the box below and click the Chat Now button below.

We do not discriminate against and race, creed, sex or religion. Please allow a few moments for the online connection to be established.For various reasons they are not using contraception.


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    She isn’t being named publicly pending formal charges.

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