Is rafael nadal still dating xisca

Rafael Nadal Parera is the current number one of the world tennis.

His income for taking part in the different tournaments exceeds already € 22 million. To his age, 22 years, and with these precedents he might have turned into a divo and to be loaded with obsessions of stars. Rafa is the a good example for the youth and does not do more than transmit good vibrations where he goes.

It will be the first time he'll play Roger Federer for major title since the 2011 French Open, and the ninth time the two have played for a Grand Slam title in a final.

During the match on January 29, we will likely see Nadal's girlfriend, Maria Francisca Perello, in the stands to cheer him on.

Although Nadal doesn’t often talk about Perello, he was still asked about her in an awkward interview after he beat Gael Monfils at the Australian Open.

“Now finally after 10 years my girlfriend gets a wildcard to come here,” Nadal said.

She also takes care of maintaining him with the feet in the ground, giving him the necessary emotional stability and making him remember that, over the money, are persons.

Rafa and Xisca have maintaining always their relationship very discreet and to the margin of the media world.

Perello, who is also known as "Xisca," has been dating Nadal since 2005.

Rafa is so humble and simple that no scandal is known, not neither in the professional side nor in the personal one, up to the point of which even his girlfriend, with whom he goes out for three years, is not a "top model", not a movie star or a millionaire gold-digger.


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