Is matthew underwood dating erin sanders

La trama cuenta de cuatro chicos de Minesota, Estados Unidos, que forman una banda en Hollywood.

Erin interpretaba a la carismática aprendiz de arte dramático, Camille Roberts, la cual representa el interés sentimental de uno de estos chicos, Logan Mitchell, interpretado por Logan Henderson.


Victoria 101: As a Nick kid growing up, Victoria addressed whether or not there were "feuds" between Nick and Disney stars in an interview with E!

That would be Logan, the spoiled douchebag character on the show played by Matthew Underwood.

If you have seen the show, you can chalk the 22 year-old’s spoiled onscreen personality to what I am about to mention next.

Erin Zariah Sanders (Santa Mónica, California, 19 de enero de 1991) es una actriz y modelo estadounidense.


Es más conocida por ser una de las protagonistas principales de la serie de Nickelodeon, Zoey 101, dándole vida a Quinn Pensky.She has had guest-starring roles on many other television series, including Mad Men, Weeds, Castle, The Mentalist, and CSI: Miami.


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