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Jillian Michaels and her girlfriend Heidi Rhoades have been together since 2009.They have recently been seen smiling and holding hands as they walked down the street in Soho.The cinematic proposal reached a larger audience Tuesday night, when it aired during the "Just Jillian" season finale."This is thoughtful, it's sentimental and something that took some time," Michaels said of the video, according to the "Just Jillian" website.In the end, Jillian came to terms with her own insecurities and realized that Heidi was right, and they should get married.says that no news is good news, because if they were going to cancel the series, they’d have stated their plans by now.Michaels asked Rhoades to marry her in an adorable video that she made for her that symbolized the life they built together, showing her that all the good things in her life were because of her. Heidi made it no mystery that she longed to be Jillian’s wife, and couldn’t fathom why it wasn’t important to Michaels.Jillian explained multiple times to Rhoades that marriage didn’t mean the same thing to her, and in some ways, she wasn’t ready to take the plunge and get married.

Jillian went on to say the thought of losing Heidi and her children terrifies her, and in her warped way of thinking, she thought avoiding marriage would keep this from happening.

star is engaged to her longtime partner Heidi Rhoades.

Though the two have been planning to marry for months, the news of their engagement officially broke on the evening of Tuesday, March 8 on the season finale of Jillian's new reality show, .

Jillian says that she believes in healthy love and it doesn’t matter whether the relationship is with a man or woman.

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Although Michaels dated some men in the past she has chosen Rhoades as her life partner.


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