Is danny o39donoghue dating bo bruce

Danny and Bo surprised viewers during last weekend's final with their duet Read All About It, as the Irish singer rested his hand on his protégé’s hip, and at one point it looked as if they were going to kiss.Clean cut Danny, 31, would be an unusual choice for former wild-child Bo – the estranged daughter of the Earl of Cardigan – but she has previously admitted he made her appearance on the reality TV show more special.We started emailing that day and by the end of the week we had figured out we could talk via an app on our phones, we knew we liked each other and we clicked really well - even though we are from different ends of the earth!By Christmas 2011 we knew it was serious so we told our families that we were planning to meet in March 2012.

But Danny, The Script’s chisel-chinned front man, didn’t exactly behave like a gentleman either.Fellow judge on , Sir Tom Jones, has been turning on the charm for contestants according to Danny.


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