Iranian sekx

After the Israeli leader said in an interview on BBC Persian TV that people in Iran won’t be free until they are allowed to wear jeans, thousands posted pictures of themselves wearing them, and others posed in Iranian shops with wall-to-wall denim.

Since the incident yesterday, Mr Netanyahu now seems to have had a bit of a twitter cull – he’s down to following just 81 feeds.

Thousands of such children are put to work as beggars or street vendors.

A portal for Iranian sex literature has become the latest Twitter feed to join the exclusive list of embassies, agencies and official accounts followed by Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Some said it reminded them of "Nazi cleansing" projects.


This is the second time in a week that Iranians have taken the opportunity to mock Mr Netanyahu on social media.

In April Molaverdi said the government "has not yet offered any specific plans for sterilisation of homeless women" and such plans should be "proposed and reviewed by the Health Ministry".


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