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Also, you could do 2 things in set if she accuses you of being intimidating: 1) offer a 'genuine' apology - say, "hey I'm really sorry, it's not something I want to be, but for some reason (i'm really tall), people think I'm initimidating but so not the case, i'm a big teddy bear really!

TAXI drivers in Henley have protested at plans to reduce the number of spaces at a town centre rank following complaints about their conduct.

I am not a lesbian, but as a woman, I can appreciate a stunning woman.

We met for coffee and I asked her about the adjustment."Mara, none of the mothers talk to me, I smile and act friendly, but they just stare at me, and I feel ignored." When she asked how I dealt with people staring at me, I quickly told her they are only staring at me because they are wondering how someone could possibly wear some of my outfits in public.



Women won't stop at your face; we'll label all of you as that.

i was at the eye doctor today and the first thing i noticed were my traps.


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    Thousands of cases of online dating fraud were reported in 2014, with over 41.2 million American users contributing to the .2 billion industry, according to an article by the Better Business Bureau.

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    The aircraft came much straight down into a holding tank filled with raw sewage at a sewage treatment facility.

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