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Sort of like the Blue Streaks from a few divisions down in the college sports world.Plus this school plays football, always a plus with me. LEHIGH MOUNTAIN HAWKS – CONFERENCE AFFILIATION – PATRIOT LEAGUE – Everyone knows about Lehigh’s storied gridiron rivalry with the Lafayette Leopards but some people have forgotten that the team’s name used to be the Engineers.The Breakaway option is ideal for run-through banners used at football games or for transporting oversized banners.When you select the Breakaway option, your banner will be printed in two separate pieces.The top name for 2013, "Belichick Yourself Before You Rex Yourself," uses the names of coaches Bill Belichick and Rex Ryan to reference a popular lyric by rapper Ice Cube.High-quality, flexible scrim vinyl material with smooth surface. High-quality, flexible scrim vinyl material with smooth surface. Highly durable, tear- and fade-resistant, resists curling.Provides excellent image quality and vibrant color. Provides excellent image quality and vibrant color. Grommets included approximately every 2 feet along all sides of the banner to facilitate hanging. Best For—Indoor banners, professional or formal event banners.


Matte coating reduces glare caused by camera flashes and fluorescent bulbs. A more affordable alternative to canvas prints and backdrops.In the past, I have not given much thought about naming my teams.


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