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Earlier this year, Adobe made a significant change to their Creative Suite upgrade policy that had been in place since CS3 came out in April 2007…In a nutshell, they said that the older Creative Suite versions CS4 and CS3 will only be able to get upgrade discounts to CS6 until the end of this year…Starting in January 2013, owners of any product older than CS5 would have to pay full price, or switch to the Creative Cloud instead. It’s likely that part of their reasoning for shifting from a “three versions back” to a “one version back” upgrade policy is because the major CS releases are now spaced out to once every two years, compared to 18 months in the past – so there’s more time between each one.This means that if you do get on board with Creative Suite 6 before yearend, then under the new policy beginning in 2013, you’ll have have to upgrade every year to retain future eligibility (a popular misconception), if you don’t wish to.To remove, type these commands in a Terminal window: Basically, the idea is, for each launchd plist file in ~/Library/Launch Agents that you don't want, run launchctl remove on the job name, which is the same as the plist file name without the .plist suffix, then remove the actual .plist file. While you are at it, there may be other launchd jobs in ~/Library/Launch Agents left over from stale applications you might have tried before.

This temporary upgrade offer is valid through December 31, 2012.I just tried it again using Render Clouds instead of Render Lens Flare and CS4 locked up when opening the raw file.


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