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More and more users are finding it a hassle to navigate between apps with a quarter of all downloaded apps being abandoned after a single use.This is where bots come in and companies like Facebook and Microsoft are investing heavily in getting ahead of the competition.As the chatbot takeover begins, UX will play a major role in the development of the experience with these bots.Think about all the elements for a bot: the personality, dialogue flow, animations, usability, interface, analytics…etc.At this point we’ve all heard of bots, or even prototyped and launched a few of them to our clients and companies we work for.


Chatbots can answer questions, schedule appointments, help you manage your finances and even pay your bills for you.Although, the recognition is not perfect at the moment but what’s exciting is that one day, a user will be able to take a photo of the flower in a garden and find out the species, or that item of clothing to find where to buy something similar. Monty Frugal: Monty is a messenger based bot built by Aino Bots that helps you keep track of your money, predict your expenses and helps you stay within the set budget every month.The chatbot movement is in full swing, the takeover is coming, and the term is definitely hot right now in the tech-sphere.ELIZA was developed to interact like a psychotherapist would (

The chatbot was started as a parody that set out to prove how superficial communication between man and machine could be.In so many words, a chatbot is a piece of software that allows digital communication with a service/product/company through text or messaging applications. So I wanted to take a look at what all the hype is about while doing some digging into the origins of chatbots and what the future holds for them.


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