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Can you deal with the rudeness of a text like that if it saves you the time/emotional investment of being led on by a guy who is after sex but hides it?

It's interesting to see how in a world of flagrant feminists who are finally being heard, there's still a battalion of men who are determined to stay strong in their sexist thought.

This man, in fact, is the case study that should be under microscopic inspection when they're trying to determine where the rot in male mentality comes from. Frankly, the most frightening part isn't that men like this exist.

Here are few signs that suggest you are dating a Nice Guy, who is actually a douchebag.

After a full season of planning and four seasons of when will these crazy kids finally get together?

, Schmidt and Cece will tie the knot on New Girl tonight.

Jess and Nick have often been the driving romance of the show, but Schmidt and Cece were always the pair that felt Most Likely to End Up Together.

In honor of their wedding, let’s relive their best moments over the years.

When rejected they turn into far nastier, meaner jerks than the “douchebags” they constantly deride women for dating. Treats you like a jerk, but how dare you not accept his apology?? If so, remember that the best thing you can be isn’t nice, but a good, attractive guy. Not because you think you’re owed, but because women actually want to date you!We found this breed alive, well, and taking the internet by storm for all the wrong reasons in one Matt Forney (I'd ordinarily link you to his page, but I wouldn't want to give the man the publicity OR the satisfaction).Therefore, a reaction from the women of India was warranted, and here you have it. For those of you that haven't read the piece, as much as I hate to give him more attention than he deserves, I'm going to elucidate via example. unappealing (he also manages to trash the American female populace in the same breath, never fear, by labelling them 'disgustingly obese').We’ve shown you how they misunderstand women and attraction, thinking that they can be bland and ugly, but as long as they’re “nice,” panties should drop for them.

Of course, we’ve shown how they want beautiful, hot women, while rejecting nice girls.

He's assuming this girl is easy, and he's clearly interested in only physical contact.


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