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Mills, Deceased, Risner's Oasis, Inc., Jo Ann Vance, et al. dec.)Jo Ann Vance and Paul Vance, as Co-Personal Representatives of the Estate of Ricky L. Melanie Mills, as Personal Representative for the Estate of Stephen F. Phillips d/b/a Krueger's Korner Klub, and Risner's Oasis, Inc., et al. Testing with the chemical Luminol reveals a room awash in blood spatter. This 1986 case marked the first time DNA was used as evidence in a court of law.24 October 1996Early one morning in a deserted area outside of Phoenix, a motorcyclist discovered the body of a young woman.She had been beaten, bound, strangled and possibly raped.The nearby plants would tell investigators more about the killer than any other single piece of evidence.Police suspected her husband was guilty of murder and they were able to prove it - even though they never found the woman's body.17 October 1996Sitting in the apparently safe lobby of his father's gun club, a teenage boy is mysteriously shot dead.

She has received numerous honors and national recognition in major dance competitions with top choreographers, and was a featured dancer in a national promotional event for "Happy Feet." [2]Added by Kickin It Nerd14 A native of California, Berglund resides in Moorpark, California with her parents and younger sister.Effective 12/21/00 the rate used under the referred to code sections is the weekly average 1-year constant maturity Treasury yield, as published by the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System, for the calendar week preceding the date of judgment. 21 April 1996A Connecticut flight attendant went missing and was never seen again.Judgments For Cases Not in CM/ECF The interest rate allowed on judgments entered in Federal courts pursuant to and calculated in the manner prescribed therein has changed.

The rates under this section is no longer based on the auction of 52 week T-bills.31 October 1996Shortly after Thanksgiving in 1987, an intruder broke into a residence in Arlington, Virginia.


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