Gay dating weekend

In the fall of 2013, Justin enrolled at UW-Madison, Brad at the U of M. Brad was the one friend I could count on,” Justin said.

Given the city’s support and acceptance of the LGBT community, it's fitting that TV’s first gay version of the Bachelor/Bachelorette, had its premiere episode and finale shot in Palm Springs.“Finding Prince Charming” on Logo features 13 male suitors looking for their Prince Charming, aka Robert Sepulveda, Jr., a self-proclaimed hopeless romantic and Atlanta-based interior designer.

Though it is fairly unclear what shape the graffiti is it, some reports have stated that it resembles a swastika, a hate symbol of the Nazi movement. “I strongly denounce any symbol of hate in our community.

Vandalizing a piece of city property with a symbol of anti-Semitism is bigoted and despicable.

“We have known each other distantly since 2011,” Justin said.

“Little did I know, sports would lead me to be the proud, gay athlete I am today,” Neumann wrote.Their final activity was painting a rainbow crosswalk together on Arenas Road in front of Hunter’s “to acknowledge the LGBT community here in Palm Springs,” Bass said.


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