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MSF ran a pediatric hospital in Quetta, where 800 patients were admitted and 2,385 malnourished children received treatment.

In Kuchlak, MSF managed a mother and child health center where staff carried out 39,527 outpatient consultations and assisted 4,989 births.

At the Kuchlak center and at Benazir Bhutto hospital in Mari Abad, MSF treated 2,555 patients for cutaneous leishmaniasis.

MSF worked at Chaman district headquarters hospital, providing care to local residents, Afghan refugees, and people who crossed the border seeking medical assistance.

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At Sadda Tehsil headquarters hospital in Kurram Agency, MSF provided inpatient and outpatient care for children; treatment for cutaneous leishmaniasis; antenatal care, and obstetric and emergency referrals.

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MSF responded to urgent needs in Pakistan, with a focus on mother and child health and care for people in isolated rural communities, urban slums, and areas affected by conflict.

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