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I highly doubt any place does support something so irritating and annoying, but anything can exist, but not really because unless you are in heaven then that can happen. Now if you pity yourself for reading this like most do, then do something productive and useful to the environment. The wall of text was invented by engineers using typewriters. If you promise not to hurt me, I'll give a coupon good for a free Grand Slam Breakfast at Denny's. Now just do this one thing for me, read the article over again, just one more time, and if you really truly don't agree with everything in it, then fine, I'll retire from my job with the railroad and we'll call the whole thing off and just go dancing, just the two of use, me (the writer) and you (a completely random crazy person who has actually read down this far), and boy won't we turn heads when we show up at Rockefeller Center with the entire Donner Party in tow!But no one actually knows that was just a hypothesis, a lame one that is. You can create a wall of text supporting site, but you would be hated if you do that, so do not. Now on to the actual information of walls of texts. If you are not in a place with a corner, then lucky you. Everything was in typewriter font (because it was made on typewriters - remember when I explained that in the previous sentence? Now I'm afraid - it's just me alone with a crazy person. We'll dance all night to strains of the Lemon Pipers while the Italian 12th Armored Division prevents the Allies from thrusting into our rear!

As we stand on our neighborhood corner, know that this fire that's burning represents the passion you have. Recognize them false achievements It's treason and I'm Tylenol, I knock out when you knock it off Knock on the doors of opportunity, I'm too involved I'm no activist, I'm no Einstein before calculus I was kicking that math, dropping that science Like an alchemist, and I be kicking that ass, lyrically I'm UFC If a UFO had came for me, I'mma come back with the head of an alien Don't alienate, my dreams, get it right Get a life, I got two, that's a metaphor for the big shit I do Boy, TMI, TSA, man I'm fly, put wings on my back That a plane or angel? gross [Bridge] I mean, I've seen so many things come through them, him, her, you I'm just a messenger, yeah, I know life's a bitch, get the best of her Put them 3's up, they notice that we up, Hiii Power And the power in the people and if they don't believe us, they'll die Wizard [Hook] Now I don't give a fuck if you Black, White, Asian, Hispanic, goddammit That don't mean shit to me Fuck your ethnicity, nigga .

So basically, no one except God and Al Gore knows when or where or how the wall of text existed/was invented. Information and junk can be the same, but only if the information is junk or the junk is information. The information/junk inside a wall of text are usually related to wherever the wall of text is located, but the best walls of text, which are actually the most irritating, most eye-bleeding ones, are completely random. If you left a quarter inch on the sides of the paper, that was very bad.

Walls of text usually make the reader asplode or have their eyes bleed and fall out of their sockets. These are boring and patient people who have no life or have all the time in their hands, which are the same, but not really. Walls of texts should be free of links, different font colors, strange characters, which are those other symbols used in society, and capital letters because it ruins the whole purpose of the infamy of walls of texts. Walls of texts are obviously free of huge spaces and outstanding things like capital letters. They could be anywhere that is able to produce symbols. A wall of text is something that is frowned upon in most, actually virtually all Internet societies, including forums, chat boards, and Uncyclopedia. I found a cheap life on e Bay, but cheap lives are rare. And the guiding principle was "This was hard to write, so it should be hard to read". But anyway, please go back to the top of this article and read it over again.

Large East Side bars are fantastically easy touches. THE INTERNATIONAL SOCIETY FOR KRISHNA CONSCIOUSNESS is located at 26 Second Avenue. You can get free room and/or meals here if you are over 21 but it's worse than jail or Bellevue. If you get stoned enough and miss getting off you can also wiggle a free boat ride although you get sent back as soon as you hit the other side — but it's a free ocean cruise, even if it's in the brig. FREE CLOTHES - Try ESSO, 341 East 10th Street or Tompkins Square Community Center on Avenue B and 9th Street. The night before residents put out all kinds of stuff on the street. FREE SUBWAY RIDES — Get a dark green card and flash it quickly as you go through the exit gate.

Every morning at AM a delicious cereal breakfast is servedfree along with chanting and dancing. Then it's all day Sunday in Central Park Sheepmeadow (generally) for still more chanting (sans food). You can get free food in varying quantities by going to the factories. However, the plants are generally located outside of Manhattan. Also the streets are excellent places to pick up good clothes (see section on free furniture for best times to go hunting) FREE LAWYERS — Legal Aid Society, 100 Centre Street. For the best selection try the West Village on Monday nights and the east Seventies on Tuesday nights. Always test the swing bars in the turnstile before you put in the token.A wall of text is something that is frowned upon in most, actually virtually all Internet societies, including forums, chat boards, and Uncyclopedia. I didn't read anything in this article above here, but nevermind, because I have something important to say, and you really have to read this.


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    From turning up to the office in flip-flops, to struggling to make eye contact with co-workers or quitting after their first day, today's students often lack the personal skills, awareness and basic self-discipline that is essential in the workplace, the director general of the British Chambers of Commerce (BCC) has said.

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    Heirs: Mrs Casiraghi - pictured (left) with her 23-month-old son Sasha, as well as her husband (right) in November - inherited her fortune from her Bavaria brewery owner grandfather, Julio Mario Santo Domingo, in 2011 Welcome!

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